DANMAN's 60 Song Method

This is the same method we use at our "Brick & Mortor Music School". Start at the very beginning with a classic "2 note song"... Jaws... then a "4 note anthem... "Smoke On The Water"... From there we groove to "Funky Music", "Back In Black" and the "Star Spangled Banner". Check it out below. Each song has multiple videos that demonstrate and instruct you exactly how to play these very cool songs!

For the person who needs a step by step guide!

Videos and printable notes for these 60 songs.
Available for Guitar, Bass, Piano

1. Jaws Movie Theme (E)
2. Smoke on the Water (E)
3. Wild Thing (A)
4. Twinkle Star (E,A,D,G,B,E)
5. Funky Music (E)
6. 7 Nation Army (E)
7. Back In Black (E)
8. Blues Brothers Theme (E)
9. Star Spangle Banner (E)
10. Ode To Joy (C)
11. Iron Man (E, B)
12. Enter Sandman (E)
13. Crazy Train (F#)
14. We Three Kings (E)
15. Malaguena (E)
16. Sunshine For Your Love (D)
17. Amazing Grace (G)
18. Butterfield Blues in E (E)
19. Romanza (E)
20. Happy Birthday (C)
21. Minuet in G (G)
22. Moonlight Sonata (C#m)
23. Clocks (Eb)
24. Butterfield Blues in A (A)
25. Blackbird (G)
26. Day Tripper (E)
27. Purple Haze (E)
28. Hey Joe (E)
29. Walkin Blues (E)
30. Dust in the Wind (C)
31. Wish you were here (Em)
32. Stairway to Heaven (Am)
33. Great Balls of Fire (C)
34. Phantom of the Opera (Dm)
35. Thunderstruck (C)
36. Boure’ in Em (Em)
37. Norwegian Wood (D)
38. Over the Hills & Far Away (G)
39. Tequila (B)
40. DNA Damage (E)
41. 007 Theme Song (E)
42. In the Hall of the Mountain King (A)
43. Blvd of Broken Dreams (Em)
44. Sweet Home Alabama (D)
45. House of the Rising Sun (Am)
46. Wipeout (A)
47. Electric Funeral (E)
48. Black Dog (A)
49. Dazed and Confused (E)
50. Brain Stew (A)
51. Growing Up (G)
52. American Idiot (Ab)
53. Heartbreaker (A)
54. Heart & Soul (C)
55. Circus Song (Eb)
56. Canon in C (C)
57. Riders On The Storm (Em)
58. Freres Jacques (C)
59. La Bamba (C)
60. Redemption Song (G)