Welcome to Danman's Creativity Club

Everyone is welcome!  Submit your original work of creativity to be included in this online gallery.  Here is how you do it...

1.  Locate your poem, picture, artwork, or lyrics on your hard drive.
2.  Submit this file to Danman's - email as attachment
3.  Check back in 48 hours to view your original piece of creativity!

The members and their works of creativity...

"Thailand" - by David Hoffman
"Puppy" by Walton Lefler 
"Tree" by Steve Lefler 
"Music Note"
by Claire Wilson 

"Sea Shore" by Nicole Lefler 
"Rats" by Amber Pitteroff 
"Bald Eagle" by Ryan Schafer  

  "Bailey Christopher"
  "Mike Harty"
  "Christin Frances Hobson"
  "Leslie Love"
  "Letty Jane"
  "Chelsea McIntyre"
  "Duke Pitteroff"

  Mike Fallon - Lyrics
  Kristoffer Forlslund -Lyrics/Song 
  Clive Jones - Lyrics
  Duke Pitteroff - Art & Lyrics
  Rita Ruether - Music
  Dan Worley - Lyrics

  Heather Nicole Breaugh - Poetry
  Dorothy Garman Cox - Creative Writing 
  Carlos "Crazy Horse" Duenas Diaz - Poetry
  Jack Evans - Creative Writing
  Brian Fisher - Poetry
  Christin Frances Hobson - Poetry
  Jeremy Grizzle - Poetry
  Crystalynn Hyatt - Poetry

  Jorge from Mexico - Poem
  Star Kangas - Creative Writing
  Dan L. Marsh - Poem
  Lynn Martin - Creative Thought
  Diane McIntyre - Poetry
  Kirt Michelfelder - Poetry
  Jennifer Rudin - Poetry
  Susan Schanerman - Poetry
  Melanie Sever - Poetry
  Leann Vansant - Poetry
  Julia Wilson - Poem
  David Hoffman - Painting